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The province of Puntarenas boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica. While in Pacific Residence, you can enjoy this magnificent coastline, full of white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. The residence has a private beach where you can enjoy the sun, swim in the warm waters, or just walk through the natural landscape.

The residence has gardens that have been specially designed to exalt the great view and are equipped with a wonderful lighting system.

The Residence is located in front of one of the most popular beaches in Costa Rica. Known by its beauty is characterized by a wave that allows perfect conditions for surfing. The neighboring beaches, Montezuma and Malpais also stand out for their beauty and tranquility, perfect for relaxing walks by the seashore. The woodland area near the beaches connects you with nature, providing a unique experience.

You will not miss a dawn, no matter where you are in the residence.

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Cobano, Puntarenas

Costa Rica


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