*For effects herein ARP Agreement means (MANAGEMENT OF PACIFIC RESIDENCE).

This document includes all policies under which Pacific Residence operates. We would appreciate your reading the entire document, and should you have any consultation, please do not hesitate to contact us.

FIRST: PACIFIC RESIDENCE is devoted to the commercial activity of renting a luxurious and exclusive house for vacationing purposes located in Costa Rica.

PACIFIC RESIDENCE has a Green policy that stimulates the TENANT to take care of the environment. We put this into practice when washing bath towels and bedsheets once a week. If the TENANT decides otherwise, he would have to inform the MANAGEMENT AT PACIFIC RESIDENCE.

SECOND: PACIFIC RESIDENCE informs the Arrival Data:

- Check-in time: 2:00 pm
- Check-out time: 11:00 am

If check-in time is after 2:00 pm please call telephone number (506) 2683-0200 or send an e-mail to info@pacificresidence.cr to coordinate with the MANAGEMENT OF PACIFIC RESIDENCE.

The TENANT must submit his I.D. card or a valid I.D. upon check-in.

The following documents are required upon registration:
1. Open voucher (reimbursable) by means of Credit Card to cover damages or losses caused by the TENANT or his visitors.
2. Signing of internal policies of PACIFIC RESIDENCE.
3. List with the names and ID’s of persons who will accompany you during your stay.
4. We attach Map of PACIFIC RESIDENCE and the zone where it is located.
5. List of internal activities to be carried out within PACIFIC RESIDENCE (these activities can only be held if tenants have no tours programmed outside the Residence).

THIRD: CANCELLATION POLICIES: the TENANT accepts the following terms:

- If the reservation is cancelled after 48 hours, ARP will maintain the outstanding balance of the reservation so it may be reprogrammed within a maximum 6-month term, and will remain subject to availability. An optional reimbursement of 75% could apply).

- If you paid 50% of your reservation, and you wish to pay the outstanding balance, you would have to do so no later than 30 days after your arrival; otherwise, the 50% deposited will be penalized and your reservation will be canceled.

- When reprogramming, the price remains subject to the season on which you intend to cancel.

- Availability and prices remain subject to changes, until the reservation is paid.

- If the reservation is made 30 days before your arrival, it should be paid in full.

- If the TENANT needs to cancel the reservation, ARP, could reprogram the stay provided it is adjusted to the availability of dates.

- The reprogramming has an additional cost of $100 USD.

FOURTH: PAYMENT POLICIES: the TENANT accepts the following terms:

Upon check-in, the TENANT should give a guarantee deposit of $2500 USD by means of credit card, which cover the amount for losses or damages to objects or premises of PACIFIC RESIDENCE, this deposit will be totally reimbursed once it is favorably given to a representative of the MANAGEMENT OF PACIFIC RESIDENCE. (See attached inventory of objects of PACIFIC RESIDENCE).

Check-in procedure: Check-in time is 2:00 pm. THE TENANT will be escorted to the unit leased by an ARP representative, where a joint inspection of the house will be carried out and documents related to your stay and the signature of the agreement, accepting the conditions in which the unit is received: also, the tenant will register the personal data of the persons who will also live in PACIFIC RESIDENCE during his stay.

Early Check-in will be granted at ARP’s criterion, only if there is availability, without additional cost.

Check-out Procedure: official check-out time is 11:00 a.m. THE TENANT will be escorted to the united rented by an ARP representative, and a joint inspection of the house will be made, determining the conditions at which time the TENANT makes formal delivery thereof. Should there be damages to furniture and premises, these will be deducted from the deposit made by the TENANT upon check-in.

Late Check-out until 6:00 pm will be granted upon ARP’s criterion only if there is availability, without additional cost.

THE TENANT should make a deposit of 50% of the value of his reservation: this deposit is made upon formalization of his reservation. (This deposit should be made in the places authorized by ARP, which are indicated in the portal of ARP’s web page).

The remaining 50% should be paid 30 days before his arrival; if there is no compliance, PACIFIC RESIDENCE will cancel your reservation and you will be penalized with the 50% already deposited.

FIFTH: INTERNAL POLICIES: PACIFIC RESIDENCE by means of this clause indicates the regulations that will rule the TENANT’s stay, which the latter accepts under the following conditions:

OCCUPANCY POLICY: The occupancy of PACIFIC RESIDENCE will have a maximum capacity of 18 persons, with the alternative of check-in of 3 additional persons, who will not pay any additional cost; likewise, these 3 persons will be installed in 2 rollers up and 1 sofa bed located in room number 2.
The occupancy of PACIFIC RESIDENCE is described as follows:

Montezuma | 1 King bed | 2 persons

Curú | 1 King bed | 2 persons

Santa Teresa | 2 King beds | 4 persons

Mal País | 2 Queen beds | 4 persons

Cabo Blanco | 2 Queen beds | 4 persons

Tambor | 1 Queen bed | 2 persons

It is important to point out that additional to occupancy permitted the following furniture can be used for the extra persons:

2 Roller Up | 2 persons

1 Sofa Bed Room 2 | 1 person

MEAL POLICY: PACIFIC RESIDENCE has meal Schedules, such as breakfast, lunch, and dinner. These schedules may be changed for the guest’s comfort, but there must be advanced notice.

The food menu will be sent 30 days before the check-in of the guest group, so it may be approved by them, and any changes made should be included in the menu’s amount.

The cost of the meal is of $ 92 USD per Adult person per day, and of $50 USD for children per day. This amount will be cancelled upon reservation. Any separate item will be delivered with sufficient time in advance for due approval.

POLICY ON PETS: No pets are allowed.

SMOKING POLICIES: As per the General Law of Control of Tobacco and its noxious effects on health, number 9028, smoking is only permitted in the duly indicated areas (common swimming pool area), it being strictly forbidden to smoke in the remaining areas of PACIFIC RESIDENCE. If this clause is not complied with, the ADMINISTRATION OF PACIFIC RESIDENCE will proceed as follows.
1: ARP will call the attention once of occupants non-complying with this clause.
2: ARP will call their attention a second time, for non-compliance of this clause, and will also charge a penalty equivalent to $ 1500 USD.
3: ARP will have the faculty of evicting the TENANT when the latter non-complies with this clause once it has to call the attention of occupants for the third time, without this generating any liability for ARP.

APPROPRIATE CONDUCT: THE TENANT acknowledges that the unit rented is located within a family-oriented community with good moral principles, he knows, respects, and accepts compliance with rules and regulations (love scenes that bother neighbors, it being totally forbidden the use of sound equipments at a high volume after 12:00 am, this to comply with Costa Rican laws, and any immoral act that cause any type of disorder among community neighbors is forbidden).

SERIOUS FAULTS: ARP will have the absolute faculty of evicting TENANTS in the following situations:
1) Consumption and possession of illegal drugs.
2) Payment on the part of the TENANT of prostitution of adults or children and their permanence within premises of PACIFIC RESIDENCE.
3) When the TENANT physically attacks any staff member of ARP, as well as any physical aggressions and damages against the integrity and life of other tenants.

PACIFIC RESIDENCE has a Green policy that stimulates the TENANT to care for the environment. We put this into practice when washing bathroom towels and bed clothes once a week. If the TENANT decides otherwise, he will have to inform the Management of PACIFIC RESIDENCE.

VISITORS’ POLICIES: the TENANT may receive a maximum of 10 visitors during his stay; the TENANT should inform ARP of these visitors 24 hours in advance, visitors may only have Access to common areas, and will not enter the rooms and the kitchen they will have access to meal menus provided they pay the corresponding amounts detailed in the FOOD POLICIES.

THE TENANT will be responsible for damages caused by visitors to objects and premises of PACIFIC RESIDENCE during their stay, he will also be responsible for physical damages and acts committed by visitors who will remain therein during the TENANT’s stay, exempting therefore PACIFIC RESIDENCE of all liability for damages caused to or suffered by visitors.

It is strictly forbidden that visitors sleep in PACIFIC RESIDENCE, they will only have the right to enjoy and benefit from common areas.

PARKING POLICIES: Parking is limited to only 2 vehicles parked under roof and 3 vehicles that may remain parked inside PACIFIC RESIDENCE. Vehicles should be parked only in zones designated by the MANAGEMENT OF PACIFIC RESIDENCE.

PACIFIC RESIDENCE will not be responsible for a larger number of vehicles within the property or for those parked outside the areas assigned.

EMERGENCIES: Should a TENANT suffer any type of accident within the premises, the MANAGEMENT OF PACIFIC RESIDENCE will proceed to call the competent authorities, and will be exempt from all liability due to the times of response of the corresponding health authorities.

PACIFIC RESIDENCE will not be responsible for the loss of or damage to the TENANT’s goods since we have safety boxes for your money, jewelry, merchandise, and other belongings.

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